Anwender über das Blitzlampensystem PROLITE III

Jason M. Riehs, M.D., Le Beau Visage Medical Spa, Frisco, Texas

"PROLITE III provides two key elements: speed & comfort! I have been using the PROLITE II for over five years and have always been impressed with the clinical results it provides. Thanks to its enlarged sapphire crystal with built in cooling technology, PROLITE III offers reduced treatment time, improved patient comfort and decreased risk for injury. Hands down, it's the best pulsed light device on the market!"

Dr. Brian Dursteler, Goodyear, Arizona, USA

"PROLITE III is totally awesome. My staff and I are really impressed."

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Jason M. Riehs, M.D.

"Hands down, it's the best pulsed light device on the market!"  weiterlesen

Dr. Brian Dursteler

"PROLITE III is totally awesome..."  weiterlesen